General Guidelines for Submitting to Zine Month

1 - Released or seeking funding within the month of February 2023.

2 - Related to TTRPGs and/or adjacent.

3 - Nothing perfect-bound or hardcover; only stapled, saddle-stitched, digital, etc.

4 - Roughly A5, 5.5x8.5”, or smaller in dimensions.

Goals for ZIMO

Education: provide information about where creators can host their zine, from pre-order sites, digital distributors, or crowdfunding platforms. First-time creators will have information on the pros and cons of various platforms while seasoned creators will be presented with options outside of the norm. As well, information on printing options both large and small will be shown alongside examples of cooperative creator/distributor agreements for folks to utilize. Those looking to create a project as a part of a mutually beneficial co-op will have a couple of starting points and resources at their disposal.

De-Monopolization: Creating additional avenues of how projects are funded and spreading awareness of where projects can be found and financed will create a healthier community. The TTRPG community has always been a vast and inclusive space and it is important that it continues to be so. Reliance on a single funding site jeopardizes what projects receive spotlight and inevitably what creators receive funding.

Democratization: The indie TTRPG community is a global one and everyone should have a fair opportunity to have their ideas and creations shared, not just the financially successful ones. The hope is that those who are making zines or want to make zines will have an equal footing alongside everyone else.