General Guidelines for Submitting to Zine Month

1 - Released or seeking funding within the month of February 2022.

2 - Related to TTRPGs and/or adjacent.

3 - Nothing perfect-bound or hardcover; only stapled, saddle-stitched, digital, etc.

4 - Roughly A5, 5.5x8.5”, or smaller in dimensions.

Check out the Contact & Submit tab for submitting your project to ZIMO!

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Atera Redux Zine Issue 1: Mounts
Melanie C Green aka Meldar16
Atera Redux Zine Issue 1: Mounts cover
The first issue of an ongoing zine which will feature homebrew mounts, monsters and magical items
RoboNoir: Crime in Cog City
Cameron Day, Laura Renfrew
RoboNoir: Crime in Cog City cover
You are robots, solving crimes and keeping Cog City safe.
9 Lives to Valhalla
Gem Room Games
9 Lives to Valhalla cover
TTRPG about death metal viking cats earning their place in the halls of Valhalla.
In Threads
Amy Winters-Voss, Contributions from the vssCollab community
In Threads cover
A collection of flash-fiction by select authors, indie creators, and TTRPG designers
Signal to Noise
Craig Duffy, Val Sannais, Emy Wisker
Signal to Noise cover
An interstellar epistolary RPG for 2 players.
The Unquiet Dark
Alicia Furness, Chris Bissette, Ignacio Santander-Alfonso
The Unquiet Dark cover
A jazz age prequel campaign for Brindlewood Bay.
Barkeep on the Borderlands
W.F. Smith
Barkeep on the Borderlands cover
A Pubcrawl Pointcrawl Adventure
All Cats Are Beautiful
Fallimento Assicuraro, Evlyn Moreau
All Cats Are Beautiful cover
A free TTRPG indie zine about cats.
Sewer Rats: A RPG Postcard Zine
William Murakami-Brundage
Sewer Rats: A RPG Postcard Zine cover
A mini-dungeon made to print on a single postcard.
Noora Rose, AJ Draws, Kyle Tam, Chalkdown, Reilly Qyote
FLIP #1 cover
2-games-in-1 double feature.
Lucid: Sea of Dreams
Raphael Falk, Lindsay Belton, Doan Trang
Lucid: Sea of Dreams cover
Hackable indie RPG inspired by dreams, nightmares, & Jewish folklore
Elliot Davis
GM-less ttrpg for 2-6 players in which you create and battle lab-grown monsters of your own design.