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The Fall of Home cover
The Fall of Home
Jo Winter, Charles Ferguson-Avery, Conner Fawcett, Alex Dewing
Tags: Funding, Digital, Print, Stand-alone

Your home is gone. The ruins, and your memories, remain.

The Fall of Home is diceless, collaborative storytelling TTRPG for 2-5 players, in which a group of travelers return to their hometown, which has been destroyed both physically and metaphysically by unspecified calamity. Play takes the form of shared scenes in which players describe what they find amongst the ruins, and how it reminds them of the time they spent in this place.

The system is optimised for one-shot play, and takes inspiration Our Queen Crumbles, by Jason Brown, and The Girlfriend Of My Girlfriend Is My Friend, by stargazersasha. The first edition of the game is available at winterymute.itch.io/the-fall-of-home

The project will be crowdfunding from February 14, 2022 through February 28th, 2022.