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Soft Focuses 2nd Edition cover
Soft Focuses 2nd Edition
Chris Legge
Tags: Funding, Released, Digital, Print, Stand-alone, System-Neutral, Resource, ZIMO 2023

Soft Focuses is a solo journaling game that encourages people to experience their life as though they had ADHD. Players make an alternate version of themselves that has ADHD, create a list of stats, and then recreate moments from their day as this ‘other them’ would have experienced. It's not so much walking a mile in someone else's shoes as it is putting new insoles in your own shoes.

For the new edition, there are a number of new modifiers and modes of play to help more closely mimic the struggles of those with ADHD. These include modifiers for comorbidities such as Autism, PTSD, and Anxiety. There are also new ways to experience the system, such as how to approach the game if you have or suspect you have ADHD or how to use it to build a more realistic ADHD character in other TTRPGS.