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Psychic Trash Detectives cover
Psychic Trash Detectives
Brigitte Winter (creator), A.V.Eerie (illustrator)
Tags: Funding, Digital, Print, Stand-alone, ZIMO 2023

Psychic Trash Detectives the first project by Scryptid Games. It's a storytelling game about psychic trash animals solving mysteries and finding community in a world of discarded beings and objects. In this collaborative, re-playable, dice-less TTRPG played with actual trash, players create their own mystery and their own quirky psychic trash animals like raccoons, pigeons and possums. They mine garbage for psychic clues and play weird, surrealist mini-games to interpret supernatural messages and memories in order to solve a mystery plaguing their animal community. By embracing their inner trashy selves, players can, for at least a few hours, exist in a space of radical self-acceptance and punk camaraderie.