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Old School and Cool 3 cover
Old School and Cool 3
Wind Lothamer, Ahimsa Kerp
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Have you ever played an RPG for so long that it got a little boring? Are you tired of seeing your character, once so engagingly fragile, now defeating devils and dragons with ease? Does it bore you when your high level character has more money than they could ever spend or that they don’t even bother to pick up new magic weapons?

Old School & Cool Volume 3 fixes all of those problems, by taking your characters to the next level--literally! Now when you reach name level with one of the standard OSE classes, you can choose a new path. Fighters, thieves, clerics, and magic users can either claim the righteous powers of purity or the wicked ambitions of depravity. They will unlock a new track of advancement that ends in apotheosis or its abominable opposite.

That’s just the beginning. Old School and Cool vol 3 is complete with god-level powers, new high level spells, magic items that make your vorpal sword look like a toothpick, and of course monsters that can stand up to your powerful new characters.