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Maze Minions cover
Maze Minions
Tags: Funding, Digital, Print, Resource, ZIMO 2023

Maze Minions is a zine role-playing game giving players a chance take on the role of a monster protecting their boss and their dungeon home from pesky adventurers. A supplement to the award winning Mazes TTRPG, this zine will expand on the original game, giving players more options for character creation, and MC's more scenarios to create.

Play as a mindless gelatinous cube, a treacherous mimic assassin, a kobold wizard, a dark dwarf fighter, a demonic succubus rogue, a ghostly thief, or any other creature you can think of. Maze Minions lets you play Mazes from the other side of the conflict.

The book will also include simplified rules for those who don't own the original Mazes game from 9th Level Games.