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In Soviet Russia, Spy Are You! cover
In Soviet Russia, Spy Are You!
Benjamin Palmer
Tags: Funding, Digital, Stand-alone

Greetings comrades! Welcome to your first day of training! You'll be working to undermine the decadent capitalist regimes of the west, so pay close attention! You'll need three six-sided dice, a pencil, some paper, and your imaginations. You'll also want our latest handbook, In Soviet Russia, Spy Are You! It contains everything you need to carry out your dreams of being a soviet era super spy!

By backing this project, you'll receive a twenty plus page PDF with all the rules needed to embark on your new career. The PDF contains all the rules for playing the great game including an introduction to the revolutionary Roulette System of conflict resolution. (The men at the Academy of Sciences are very proud of that one!). With this system at your disposal, you'll be able to handle anything that might get in your way from a simple locked door to an armed guard with only a few quick rolls of the dice.

Mother Russia is counting on you comrades! Put your Rubles where they count and support this project today!