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Demonsbane: The Rod of Night cover
Demonsbane: The Rod of Night
Perplexing Ruins, Brooklet Games, Ramón Perales Cano
Tags: Funding, Released, Print, Resource

32 page other realm adventure for the game Cairn.

Demonsbane is a hexcrawl set in a strange, fantastical realm where Fungal Folk and Mineral Shambler giants and Rat Folk move about. Includes nnumerous site/dungeon maps, treasure and some NPC illustrations. There are some portals, shards that need collected to once again banish Xoxyl the Former-Wizard Lich. His dragon is trying to break into the world from a sky portal to free him.

There is town to seek some rest. There are minor treasures, plant life to collect, weather table, a fairly long bestiary. There is much pink.

This would make for a good few sessions if your party gets transported to another dimension via portal or some other nefarious magics.

Includes illustrations by Brooklet Games, Ramón Perales Cano, and Perplexing Ruins.