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Daddy Issues cover
Daddy Issues
Nikola R. Petrov
Tags: Released, Digital, Stand-alone

Have you heard the story of the father who "went for cigarettes" and never came back? You play as that guy.

Don't get me wrong, you have nothing but the best of intentions! All you need to do is get a pack of cigarettes and come back home—but that's easier said than done!

The city is full of dangers, fat pigeons, criminals, and... werewolves?

DADDY ISSUES is a printable RPG released during Zine Month 2022. It is a highly thematic solo game that combines dark humor, procedurally-generated narrative, and light management elements.

Each run through the city is completely unique, as you roll the dice to explore, fight, and even draw your own map!

The longer you take, the more desperate your family becomes... Tick-tock...

You will immerse yourself in a dangerous world of crime and the paranormal.

You will be navigating the mean streets day and night while receiving texts from your worried family and making tough decisions.

Time is not on your side, so make every choice count!

Trust me, you really don't wanna miss your anniversary!

1 Player Ages 16+ 5-20 min